Integrated Food Services Private Label

private label

Integrated Food Service manufactures and distributes products to our Private-Label, retail customers throughout the nation. Our plant and equipment provide us with the ability to produce a wide range of finished items including:

  • Grilled Sandwiches
  • Frozen Pizza, Topped Focaccia and Flatbreads
  • Mexican Items such as Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Tacos and Burritos
  • Deli Sandwiches, Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
  • Frozen Cookie Dough

Our capabilities include:

Integrated Food Services Private Label
  • Complex product assembly by hand
  • Grilling
  • Bread formulation, baking and slicing
  • Dough Mixing
  • Automatic topping with cheese or meat
  • Inline melting
  • Depositing of solids and sauces
  • Blast freezing
  • Flow and Shrink wrapping


Please feel free to call us to discuss your Private Label needs at (310) 523-3664

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